Barrier Washer Equipment Co. Ltd. (BWE) was established in year 2003, pioneer of barrier washer and clean room laundry equipment manufacturing in China. Nowadays, we are still the leader in industry and the only specialist in clean room laundry requirement that developed many design patents by our own. BWE was certified ISO9001 since year 2007, insure an organized and systematic production quality control to manufacture high quality products consistently.

Other than barrier washer, we are also the first manufacturer in China developed the clean room tumble dryer, shoe drying box for clean room industry and integrated barrier washer with built-in drying function designed for pharmaceutical industry. BWE currently produce complete range of laundry equipment for clean room and healthcare industry, i.e. barrier washer, front load washer extractor, tumble dryer, shoe drying box, helmke drum, etc… supplying to clean room laundry for semiconductor, microelectronics, pharmaceutical, glove manufacturer, biochemistry, food industry, etc… for clean room specification class 10000 up to class 10 standard. Our barrier washers are also widely used in hospital and healthcare laundry for anti-contamination environment. By understanding the industry, our products have various options to meet requirement for different industry need. Most of our products meeting CE standard and CE certified for export to European countries. As an ISO9001 certified company, every single machine is fully inspected and tested by strict testing procedure before delivery.

Compare to existing European clean room products in the market, our equipment are now a good alternative solution and acquired a great market share with best value in price, quality and performance. Apart from largest market share in local clean room laundry market in China, our products also exported worldwide to Japan, USA, France, UK, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Russia, Turkey, Bangladesh, Emirates, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, etc… since year 2006 and expanding to the rest of the world.

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